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bloggingI have been blogging only a very limited time.  I started last year and have a Blog all about my first horse and our journey together.  I have been a little lackluster in the consistency department with that Blog, but plan to remedy that soon.  There have been lots of Blog ideas/topics roaming through my already cluttered mind.  However, some of them don’t pertain to my horsey world, and I don’t think my followers would be to enthusiastic about me bombarding them with a ton of non-horsey stuff.  So here I am creating another Blog for my “Real World” life.  If you would like a look at my “horsey world” life, please feel free to stop by my equestrian blog, and also my equestrian YouTube Channel.

This Blog is mainly going to focus on me trying to make my life as light and simple as possible, hence the title of the blog.  I am on a journey to minimalism (which I have been on before I discovered it had a name and was actually a thing).  I deal with mental illness and am trying to declutter my life because I deal with enough clutter in my mind.  This is NOT a blog about my mental illness.  I am ok with talking about it, but the purpose of this blog is to focus on the good aspects of this crazy life I deal with.  This Blog is titled “Light” not “Dark, Sad, and all the other words that are associated with depression and mental illness.”  However, if you have a topic you would like me to discuss or a question about it I will be happy to post/answer.

Also this blog will focus on gardening (because I have three massive flower gardens), beauty, hair, fitness, diet, health, crafts, and my animals.  So sorry in advance for the soon to be extreme amounts of pictures of my Boston Terrier, Solomon.

In short, this is my “everything else” blog.  I do plan to do a YouTube channel to correspond with this blog.  If you would like, go on ahead and click that “Follow” button and join me on my journey to living “Life, Light + Simple.”  I would love to have you around.

If you have any questions, requests of a topic, suggestions, or just want to say “Hi,” you can contact me here.