New Year, New Blog

So, I decided to go all out and pay for a hosted blog.  If you follow me here, please follow me at my new blog.  It will be a place for sharing my journey to a better me.  A life that I can be content with and live with intent.  A journey of self-improvement and growth through fitness, a healthier lifestyle, minimalism, and hobbies I enjoy like DIY’s, gardening, outdoors, equestrianism and all things that bring me joy.  I have this one life to live and I want to live it with purpose and as few regrets as I can for the time I have left.


Find what sparks joy..

I hope to share all things that motivate and inspire me, with the hope that I can help motivate and inspire others who live with and try to manage depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.  Just like those who have physical disabilities, we don’t have to let a mental disability determine who and what We are.  I plan to find what sparks joy in my soul and fan that spark to a breathtaking fire! Join me in my journey.


…and create a FIRE!


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